Cashmere is one of the rarest types of materials used to make sweaters, shawls and other warm clothing. It is popular because of how soft the material feels against the skin, and also because of the aesthetic beauty of garments woven using the wool. Unlike wool, cashmere does not feel itchy against the skin, and it does not stick to the skin when you sweat. Most of the sweaters and shawls are woven by experienced designers, and their cost matches their value.

If you are looking for a men's cashmere sweater to add to your wardrobe, perhaps the best place to start is by understanding the process used to design cashmere.

The Source of Cashmere

The fashion industry has become very conscious of the impact they make on natural resources. Cashmere is a renewable natural resource. Goats grow thick hair in the winter to protect them from the low temperature, but once the summer comes, it is no longer necessary. When the wool gets too thick on goats, it can lead to dirt being trapped next to the skin of the animal. When shearing is done, the animals are protected from infections, and we get a beautiful knitting material.

Cashmere Pricing

Cashmere pricing varies depending on how rare the source of the yarn is. Note that one goat produces about two hundred grams of wool to make yarn, and therefore, you have to shear two to three goats to get enough cashmere for a shawl. Grade cashmere is the thinnest with a thickness of one 14 millionths of a metre thick. It makes strong and durable fabrics. Chinese cashmere, on the other hand, is the purest and most costly type of cashmere. For this reason, it is used on light applications such as the creation of white pastel colours.

Cashmere Originality

A lot of people are duped into buying other types of wool thinking it is cashmere. Sadly, many end up parting with large sums of money for fakes. An easy way to tell quality cashmere from the rest is to hold it at eye level and look across its surface. The presence of a light fluffiness rising from the surface of the material indicates excellent quality cashmere. A higher rise means the quality is not as good. 

The best way to buy superior quality cashmere sweaters and other garments is by sourcing it from a trusted supplier. Take time and find someone who has excellent reviews, and gets their cashmere from the best sources. Finally, remember that cashmere gets softer as it is washed, and not the other way around.